Santa Barbara, CA (July 18, 2011) – Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC, a leading supplier of infrastructure equipment and related services to carriers and network operators today announced its acquisition of Leaf Communication Services, a leading Western Regional DAS and In-building wireless, Design, Implementation and Maintenance company, further diversifying Tempest’s broad capabilities in the 2G, 3G and 4G network services market.

Carriers are focusing their resources on increased network capacity and coverage to satisfy the overwhelming demand that mobile data and smart devices are placing on their networks.  Much of this demand occurs indoors: in office buildings, schools, stadiums, hospitals, and other large enterprise campus environments across the country.  This trend is driving the need for more distributed base station solutions and the deployment of more Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to increase the signal strength inside these complex facilities.  DAS solutions are widely considered the most efficient and effective method to boost in-building signals that provide quicker data transmission rates and increased network capacity overall.

“Virtually all of our Wireless Carrier customers are seeing a growing need to more broadly deploy sophisticated In-building wireless and DAS systems to further enhance their network performance.  However, they were having a hard time finding qualified, reliable and adequately capitalized service partners to do so,” said Jessica Firestone, Chief Executive Officer of Tempest.  “And now with our acquisition of Leaf Communication Services, one of the leading providers of In-building and DAS solutions for major carriers in the Western United States, Tempest is very well positioned to meet this growing need.”

With this acquisition, Tempest welcomes Dan Leaf, President and Founder of Leaf Communication Services, to its management team as their Director of Operations, DAS Division.  In this newly created position, Dan will continue to focus on providing industry leading customer service and quality in the delivery of the most advanced and affordable DAS and In-building wireless solutions available in the marketplace.

“In order to fully respond to the growing demand for our services, and to insure that my customers are best served, I selected a partner that could not only provide the infrastructure and capital resources necessary to meet this growing demand, but also one that shared my vision for building a national DAS and In-building wireless capability, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the demanding Carrier Services Market,” said Dan Leaf, Director of Operations, DAS Division at Tempest.  “My whole organization and I are absolutely delighted to be part of this winning team.”

The DAS Division of Tempest will be headquartered out of Tempest’s Services HQ in Carrollton, Texas, but will maintain its field locations in Sacramento and Irvine, California and Salem, Oregon.  For more information, please or call us at 805-879-4829 and ask for Elda Rudd, VP of Marketing.