Santa Barbara, CA (November 3, 2011) – Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC, a leading supplier of infrastructure and related services to carriers and network operators, and AIRSYS, a leading international ICT (Information Communication Technology) cooling solutions provider, announced its strategic partnership to serve the US market with the high-efficiency line of packaged shelter HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems for network operators.

The AIRSYS line of shelter HVAC systems are globally deployed. A recent US evaluation against equivalent systems determined the AIRSYS product to have up to 40% more sensible cooling capacity, which is a measurement of the capacity of an HVAC machine to remove heat from electronics. With a strong heritage in ICT and electronics cooling systems design, AIRSYS is among the best-in-class for packaged shelter HVAC systems due to its purpose-built design, bottom throw/top exhaust design and integrated free cooling functionality. Free cooling functionality uses lower temperature air from the outdoor environment for free cooling in the shelter environment and reduces the working hours of the compressor, saving energy.

“As HVAC systems are reaching end-of-life, network operators are looking at sustainability and operating efficiency for their replacement HVAC systems,” said Jessica Firestone, Chief Executive Officer of Tempest. “We are pleased to partner with AIRSYS to bring their reliable and efficient HVAC systems to the US market, so we can reduce energy consumption and lower the operating costs of our customer’s networks.”

“Our electronics cooling systems were purpose built to maintain the highest efficiency ratings and exceptional reliability,” said Yunshui Chen, Chief Executive Officer of AIRSYS. “We chose Tempest as our master distribution channel for the US because of Tempest’s national coverage, reputation for excellent customer service and support capabilities from their Services and Engineered Solutions teams. US network operators now have a proven alternative to reduce their HVAC operating costs.”

Tempest’s Engineered Solutions team delivers innovative, best-in-class technology and products that address specific migration or upgrade challenges as a result of the aging installed base of infrastructure deployed in telecommunications networks. This sales and engineering team manages lab evaluations, field trials and technical support for large-scale deployments in customer networks.

Tempest continues its growth and expansion of multi-vendor solutions to carriers and network operators with the addition of AIRSYS HVAC solutions. Tempest offers a comprehensive suite of products and services for Lifecycle Planning for legacy telecom equipment that include: network assessment, maintenance programs, equipment supply, repair programs and replacement strategies. To learn more, please ask to join Tempest’s “Legacy Telecom Network Support Group” on LinkedIn, or contact Elda Rudd at