Santa Barbara, CA (July 19, 2012) – Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC, a leading supplier of infrastructure equipment and related services to carriers and network operators, today announced that it has earned TL 9000 certification for its multi-vendor Repair & Logistics Solutions Center, under the product category 7.4, Repair of Telecommunications Systems and Equipment.

“Tempest’s Repair and Logistics offerings are designed to meet our customer’s highest standard of quality, deliver industry leading turnaround time, high yields, and excellent customer service,” says Jessica Firestone, Chief Executive Officer of Tempest Telecom Solutions. “The TL 9000 certification recognizes our commitment to quality and accountability through our adherence to these global standards.”

The TL 9000 quality management system was developed by the Quality of Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum, a global communications association comprised of the world’s top industry service providers and suppliers dedicated to continually improving standards in the telecommunications industry. TL 9000 was built on ISO 9001 standards, designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs of customers, and defines the unique communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery and service in pursuit of best in class in their respective product categories.

As part of the certification, Tempest’s Repair & Logistics Solutions Center was audited by BSI (ANAB Accredited) and recognized for its quality management initiatives, services processes and continuous improvement structure, in the support of repair of telecommunications equipment and systems. In order to maintain the TL 9000 certification, Tempest’s Repair & Logistics Solutions Center will continue to undergo internal and external audits to ensure there is continual quality improvement and compliance.

“The TL 9000 requirements were easily integrated into Tempest’s existing culture of precision, testing, quality control and continuous improvement,” says Rick Hernandez, Director of Repair Operations at Tempest. “I am proud of the discipline and skill of our Repair Team and with the speed and ease of obtaining TL 9000 certification.”

Tempest offers a cost-efficient, comprehensive alternative to the OEMs for multi-vendor repair, test and logistics programs including: Dedicated Repair, Spares Management, Advanced Exchange, Repair Hubbing, Rack & Stack and Kitting & Staging.