Joint solutions reduce cost, complexity of testing applications prior to rolling out services

LOS ANGELES and SANTA BARBARA, CA, March 13, 2020 – Apposite Technologies and Tempest Telecom Solutions have joined forces to help service providers test application performance before rolling out new services to subscribers. Tempest solutions and services include Apposite’s Netropy WAN Emulators to help network operators build and operate services based on IP, 5G, SD-WAN, and other emerging technologies.

“Apposite expands our application test and performance validation portfolio,” said Richard Smith, Vice President of Business Development at Tempest. “Our partnership enables our customers to quickly and easily test the performance of critical applications by simulating impairments to replicate real-world network conditions.”
This new partnership enables large enterprises and service providers to simulate real-world networks and measure the impact of latency, jitter, data loss, and other impairments on application performance. Network engineers worldwide rely on proven technology to automate and reduce the cost and complexity of testing across a mix of network links – 5G, cable, satellite, and cloud.

“Application performance is absolutely critical to subscriber loyalty and satisfaction,” said Joseph Zeto, CEO of Apposite Technologies. “Our partnership with Tempest equips service providers to evaluate new technologies from a variety of different vendors to speed time to market and lower cost while ensuring a world-class user experience.”

About Tempest Telecom Solutions
Tempest Telecom Solutions is a WBE (Women Business Enterprise) multi-vendor provider of network equipment, test solutions, and services, including technical assistance, professional and repair services. Tempest partners with their customers to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across the maintenance and expansion of their networks. Tempest’s services and products cover wireless, in-building, wireline, data center, and enterprise networks. More information is available at
About Apposite

Apposite Technologies provides world-class wide area network (WAN) emulation to enterprises, service providers, and government agencies worldwide. Apposite’s award-winning Netropy and Linktropy WAN emulation solutions simulate bandwidth, latency, loss, congestion, and other network impairments to deliver accurate simulations of any wide-area network – 5G, cable, satellite, cloud, etc. “WAN emulation made easy” helps businesses deploy new technology with confidence while increasing automation and lowering costs associated with performance testing.