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5G SMART Integration Services

Grow and expand coverage and capacity

Tempest offers a highly competent and experienced technical SMART team, and provides access to either our 24×7 integrations Technical Assistance Center (iTAC) or our customizable Integration Help Desk.

Tempest is here to assist you with all of your
Integration and related RF Performance needs that cover:

We support the following OEMs & Technologies

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You will sleep better at night knowing Tempest
is working to make your 5G deployment needs happen.

If you would like to learn more and speak with our Integrations Delivery Team, please contact us today.

Integration Services for 5G growth to expand coverage and capacity.


5G SMART Services Overview

Value Added

Additional Services & Benefits

Efficiency Gains


1Site Readiness, NTPInstallation Complete
2CIQ CompletionRF Design
3Scripting and MOPApproved CIQ
4IntegrationOn-site or Remote
5RF Optimization & TuningDrive Test, Measure
6Customer AcceptanceCall Testing

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