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Provide Better Quality Video Streaming and VoIP

Test your video streaming quality before going live

Since the network is the most dynamic factor in online video streaming it’s important to consider how network impairments will affect quality of service. Internet video is based on packet transmission, and can be affected by delays, transmission errors, data loss, and bandwidth limitations. These impairments all have a detrimental impact on the quality and experience of streaming content.
Test video streaming quality on emulated networks first to understand how these impairments affect the performance of the video then make adjustments to provide the best quality of video possible.
Mimic cellular, Wi-Fi, and IP networks, and simulate any combination of network impairments. Conduct network bandwidth tests to make sure your applications are fully optimized to handle any drop in service.
Understand how changing network conditions will affect the end user’s streaming experience. Apposite’s network emulator measures the effect of real world impairments on video streaming prior to deployment.
After testing network bandwidth and video streaming, it’s easy to make adjustments to keep videos and VoIP running smoothly no matter what the network conditions.

Optimize network usage with VoIP

VoIP can be used to reduce network infrastructure costs because it allows enterprises to operate voice and data on a single network. However, voice traffic is sensitive to latency and can increase bandwidth requirements. While compression can be used to reduce usage, it can also negatively impact voice quality.
Network emulators allow you to performance test your VoIP against a variety of network conditions to validate voice quality on enterprise or private networks.