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MA2000 Distributed Antenna System

Is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) right for your application?

DAS solutions are well suited for applications requiring multiple mobile carriers where the venue size ranges from 150,000 to over 1 Million square feet.

Corning MA2000 DAS provides cost-optimized, multiband coverage and capacity support for multiple operators, with a single, simplified fiber optic infrastructure to end the rip-and-replace upgrade cycle. Composite cabling can be used as a forward-facing transport to enhance 4G today, and 5G tomorrow, while at the same time reducing installation costs and deployment time.

The MobileAccess2000 (MA2000) solution provides enterprise level indoor coverage for a wide range of wireless services over a single broadband infrastructure.

The MA2000 is a multi-operator, multi-service system based on combining a number of services, voice and data, and distributing them to each remote location through a common antenna infrastructure.

Wireless RF services are bidirectionally transmitted between the capacity source (BTS/BDA) and remote locations using low-loss fiber and broadband coax.

Features and benefits

Multi-operator platform

Accommodates multiple operators seamlessly and transparently on one in-building network.

Multi-service platform

Accommodates virtually any mix of wireless voice and data services, eliminating the need for separate overlay networks. Supported services and technologies include: GSM, CDMA, TDMA, iDEN, LMR, SMR, Paging, UMTS, DCS, EDGE, EV-DO, UHF/VHF, WMTS and more.

Modular design

With its modular packaging, the MA2000 enables new wireless services to be added easily and cost effectively without disruption to work spaces or existing services.

Scalable packaging

The MA2000 is available in two variants, the MA2000 MRC and the MA2000-Lite. Customers can expand from the MA2000-Lite to the MA2000 MRC while repurposing all components.

Operator-class operation

Advanced signal handling and management ensures optimal performance for all services involved in a multi-operator environment.

Robust management

Proactive, centralized end-to-end monitoring and management of MA2000 equipment and RF signals.

Reduce operating expenses

Single-operator, multi-service across common infrastructure; supports multi-mode fiber.

Deployment options

Two types of MobileAccess2000 deployment solutions are available:

MobileAccess2000-Lite: Coverage solution for up to six cellular services.

MobileAccess2000 MRC (Modular Remote Cabinet): Coverage solution for greater than six cellular services.

System Architecture
The MobileAccess2000 solution deployment is comprised of the following elements. For more detailed information, refer to the MobileAccess2000 User Manual.

Headend Equipment
Radio Interface Unit (RIU): The RIU conditions the RF Downlink signals from base-transceiver stations (BTS) or bidirectional amplifiers (BDA) provided by the wireless service providers (WSPs), ensuring a constant level of RF before passing them on to the base units. RF Uplink signals from subscribers are received from the Base Units and transported back to the BTS or BDA.

Base Unit (BU): The BU converts the RF downlink signals received from the RIU to an optical signal for transport on single-mode or multimode fiber to the remote hub units (RHU), which are located at the remote locations. Uplink optical signals from subscribers are received from the RHU and converted back to RF before passing them on to the RIU.

System Controller: The system controller enables remote management and control of all MA1000 elements from a single location.

Remote Location Equipment
MobileAccess2000-Lite: The MA2000-Lite is an entry level platform for deploying a multi-operator solution. It supports up to two RHUs, each with an Add-On, for a total of six services.

MobileAccess2000 Modular Remote Cabinet (MRC): The MRC is a cabinet capable of housing up to five RHUs (or two RHUs, each with an Add-On), power and appropriate filtration.

Add-On (AO): The add-on is a single service unit that is coupled with an RHU to support an additional RF service. The add-on receives filtered RF signal from the RHU and amplifies it for transport across the broadband coax.


Corning MA2000 MRC / Lite

860 WLAN Module (860): The 860 is mounted outside the MRC or MA2000-Lite. It combines WLAN and cellular signals for transport across the broadband coax. The 860 is used with Wireless Coverage Expanders (WCE). Refer to the 860 WLAN Solution datasheet for more information.

Remote Hub Unit (RHU): The RHU is a service-specific module that performs optical to RF conversion on signals received from the BU. The signals are then filtered and amplified for transport across broadband coax to the antenna. Similarly uplink signals from the antenna are converted to optical signals before being transmitted back to the BU. Each RHU supports up to two RF services.

System component specifications

Modular Remote Cabinet (MRC)

Corning MA2000 MRC


Corning MA2000 Lite

Remote Hub Unit

Corning MA2000 RHU


Corning MA2000 Add-on
Note: For RIU and Add-On ordering information, refer to datasheet.

Base Units

MA200-Lite and MRC

Remote Hub Units

MA2000 MRC Compatible RHUs

Power Supplies

Mounting Brackets Accessories