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Putting NetOps back
in control

Your network plus our solutions — peace of mind at last.

Complicated network management

Your network is a complex tangle of routers, switches and ports — both physical and virtual. It’s on premises, in private and public clouds, and at remote sites. It’s also a host of tools — APM and NPM, SIEMs, firewalls — all hungry for network data. You’ve got to manage it all, as well as pass vital data to security analysts and comply with changing regulations.
It’s complex, but Gigamon is here to help. Gigamon is by far the most widely deployed next-generation network packet broker. And our comprehensive set of network visibility, analytics and optimization solutions — the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric — goes beyond aggregating traffic and passing it to tools. It also includes:
By sitting between your tools and the infrastructure layer, Gigamon also drives down infrastructure complexity and makes network management far simpler. Check out this before and after situation — it’s that good.

Putting NetOps back in control

Network performance

Get the network performance and Tools ROI you deserve

Degraded performance, oversubscribed tools and ever-increasing costs. Sound familiar? Change this narrative with help from Gigamon:

High availability

Say Yes to consistently high availability

Uptime — it’s arguably the single most important measure of NetOps success. How does Gigamon help? Take a look at these Gigamon solutions: