Stronger security starts with network visibility

Fix the gap in your security architecture.

Fact: you can't protect what you can't see

You’ve carefully planned your network security architecture and purchased the latest, most advanced security tools. But that’s not enough.
  • Up to 50 percent of traffic never reaches your security tools because of dropped packets or blind spots
  • Malware can hide inside encrypted SSL/TLS traffic
  • Attackers now use port spoofing to elude perimeter detection
An effective security posture based on zero trust principals requires seeing all traffic across your network — not just a portion. You also need to know what the threats are, and how best to respond. The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric makes it easy by giving you one platform for deep and pervasive visibility across your entire network, and providing insights for rapid threat hunting, investigation and forensics.
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The Gigamon visibility and analytics fabric

• Passive visibility

The Gigamon visibility and analytics fabric

How you supply network traffic to your security tools is critical. If you rely on switch or router generated NetFlow or SPAN ports, your security tools are not getting everything they need for reliable analysis. A better way to collect and send traffic to your tools is by using network TAPs together with Gigamon, which sits between your tools and the network layer.

The key benefits are:

  • Full-fidelity traffic: No more sample-based data or dropped packets due to overloaded equipment
  • Cloud visibility: Get visibility into every corner of your network – not just on-prem, but also all of your cloud traffic
  • Container and VM visibility: Monitor VM and container traffic in private or public clouds either with cloud-based tools or by selectively backhauling traffic to you on-prem security stack
• SSL/TLS decryption

SSL/TLS decryption is needed...Now

Up to 80 percent of internet traffic will be encrypted by the end of 2019.[1] Cybercriminals use encryption to conceal malware, hide command-and-control traffic and cloak the exfiltration of stolen data. You need a way to efficiently decrypt traffic, share it with tools and then re-encrypt it.

Gigamon SSL/TLS Decryption centrally decrypts all network traffic, taking that burden off expensive security tools, and exposes hidden threats, malware and data exfiltration attempts.

• Application intelligence

If you're not seeing apps, you're not seeing threats

To accurately detect threats and mitigate shadow IT, you need full application visibility and traffic control. Gigamon Application Intelligence gives you the power to automatically identify applications and then send the right traffic to the right tools, so you don’t waste expensive security resources. Next, Gigamon provides your security tools with valuable context around protocols and applications, helping you shorten investigative cycle times.
  • Application Filtering Intelligence sends only relevant application traffic to security tools while filtering out the rest; use existing investments to secure east-west traffic
  • Application Visualization accurately identifies more than 3,000 applications using deep packet inspection so shadow IT activities and port spoofing attempts don’t pass unnoticed
  • Application Metadata Intelligence provides more than 5,000 metadata attributes, giving your SIEM and other security tools an unfair advantage over attackers
• Detection and response

Hunt for attackers, on your terms

Get ahead of investigating suspicious behavior, proactively hunt for potential risks, and be able to direct a fast and effective response to active threats. Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT is a cloud-native network detection and response solution built for the rapid detection of threat activity.

With Insight you can:

  • Prioritize what matters: Get high confidence detections and reduce mean time to detection and response
  • Investigate in real time: Quickly triage alerts and gather intelligence to direct efficient response activities
  • Gain broad situational awareness: Get coverage across physical, virtual and cloud networks
  • Focus teams on threats, not tools: Get started faster with plug-n-play deployment and zero-maintenance