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With news headlines like “Washington idle as ransomware ravages cities big and small” (Politico, September 27, 2019), it looks like hackers are unstoppable. And with your attack surface ever-increasing, the stakes in the cat and mouse game grow even larger. This is the time to put the axe to the grindstone. Tighten your defenses. Get ahead of the attacks. But is it even possible?

It is! But just like malware, your defenses must rapidly evolve. You must find the gaps in your cybersecurity defenses before hackers do. Rather than blindly adding more security tools, let’s consider strategies like finding out where your security holes are (not just once, but on a daily basis), making sure you’re blocking known bad IPs, and ensuring newer technologies like behavioral detection are at peak performance. The following are 3 priorities to help you stay ahead of the attacks.

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Validate against the most current malware

Hackers are relentless, updating and evolving malware on a perpetual basis. They generally create malware targeted for a certain domain, platform, or business vertical. Your security defense needs to keep up. If you aren’t including the most current threat vectors tailored for your business sector when testing your cybersecurity, you’re at risk of leaving an open door to new or mutated malware.

This is why you need the BreakingPoint Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) daily malware update service that includes categorized malware strike lists so you can select the ones with the most impact in your particular industry. The more successful your security tools are at identifying and blocking this daily set of the most recent high-impact malware, the better chance you’re protected against the majority of the other malware seen in the wild.

Assess on a daily basis

A deep security-effectiveness assessment will need a combination of threat vectors and evasion techniques to accurately gauge an infrastructure’s capability to detect, allow, or block different types of attacks. This validation is critical to ensuring a high-performing and secure network. However, many organizations do not perform these assessments on a regular basis because the tools capable of such testing are too complex, network configuration changes are too frequent, or they lack staff with the knowledge required to analyze test results.

BreakingPoint Virtual Edition (VE) provides real-world application and threat simulation for complete performance and security testing in a virtual sandbox environment. BreakingPoint QuickTest adds turn-key tests to accelerate testing to just a few clicks and reduce the learning curve.

Keysight cybersecurity

Get ahead of new Zero-Day strikes

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Your cybersecurity plan should leverage strategies that assume your network is already compromised. To find and block attacks, many security tools rely on signature-based detection that looks for patterns observed in previously known malware. But to get ahead of new attacks, you also need a more intelligent behavior-based threat detection and analysis solution that searches for patterns of user and application behavior that either looks unusual for your particular environment or matches a known pattern of malicious behavior.

ThreatARMOR protects you from zero-day malware evolutions, including ransomware, by automatically blocking the command and control servers the malware needs to function once it’s in your network. BreakingPoint gives you have the flexibility to create application and user behavior that would be common to ransomware and other malware, enabling you to confidently validate the efficacy of these modern security tools that rely on behavioral/machine learning.

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