LTE Site Integration Services

Program Overview

Integration Services for LTE RAN growth to expand coverage and capacity.

Tempest Deliverables

  • Hardware Sourcing
  • Design Support
  • Integration Services
  • Customer Acceptance
  • Optimization Services

Service Description

To support network growth, Tempest provides the competence and tools necessary to bring your LTE sites into service.

  • RF Design Support
  • CIQ Development
  • Transport Design Support
  • Scripts and MOPs

           (eNodeB and CSR)

  • On-site or Remote
  • Integration Alarm Cleanup
  • Acceptance Test
  • RF Optimization Support

Value Add

  • Provide Hardware, Radio Units and Baseband Units
  • Preconfigure Hardware
  • Stage the Pre-integration for Quicker Field Deployment
  • Reduce Integration Time During the Maintenance Window to Shorten Project Rollout

Optional Services

• Baseband Unit Upgrades

• Carrier Adds

• Post Integration Support

• RF Optimization Services

• Project Management

• RF Design

• Software Updates and Re-homes

• Help Desk

• Stand-Alone Scripting Service

1Site Readiness, NTPInstallation Complete
2CIQ CompletionRF Design
3Scripting and MOPApproved CIQ
4IntegrationOn-site or Remote
5RF Optimization & TuningDrive Test, Measure
6Customer AcceptanceCall Testing