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Our experts are here to help you repair your network equipment quickly and cost effectively 


Our experienced equipment repair specialists at Tempest provide industry-leading turnarounds and yields, as well as a variety of flexible options from a single unit transaction to multi-vendor contracts that OEMs can’t match.

As a leading OEM alternative for equipment repair services, we can help optimize capital expenditures, reduce operational expenses, and extend product lifecycles.

Equipment Repair Facility in Coppell, Texas

State of the art repair lab 

Tempest Repair
Services Provide

Personalized Customer Service

Warranty Verification

and Hubbing Programs

Spares Management Programs

Fast Turn Around Time

and High-Yields

1 Year Warranty

on All Repairs

Advanced Exchange

for Emergency Replacements

Customized Reporting


and End-of-Life Support

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Learn about our private network repair services and how we can help you.

Repair Capabilities

ADCCienaForce 10NECSycamore
Alcatel-LucentCoastcom/LOOPHaliplexNokiaTelco Systems
AviatDeltaJuniperPCPTest Equipment
DragonwaveLamarchePeco IITRAK
BaylyEastern ResearchLorain/ReltecLineageTyco
Carrier AccessEltek-ValereMarconiPowerOneWesternMultiplex

Depot Repair For fast, reliable equipment repairs done right, count on Tempest’s certified technicians and expert repair specialists. We use the most advanced computer diagnostic hardware and our turnaround times and low costs lead the industry.

Flexible Multi-Vendor Repair Contracts Save time and money over OEM repairs, while streamlining your process through an annual maintenance agreement with a fixed fee, regardless of complexity of repair. Tempest simply provides better, faster and cheaper service with multi-vendor support and detailed status reports to track all of your network equipment repairs in process.

Out-of-Warranty and End-of-Life Support When a product or group of products come off of warranty, or the OEM no longer supports a product, Tempest can support your out-of-warranty and end-of-life repair needs. If we don’t currently have a particular capability in-house, we will work with you and our engineers to develop it.

Advanced Exchange for Emergency Replacements In an emergency situation, Tempest can send an advanced replacement exchange for your equipment, so that as your defective unit is being repaired, no time is lost.

Warranty Verification and Hubbing Programs We make it easy on you by managing all of your defective network products through a single location. Tempest will receive your non-working units directly from the field, determine if they are under warranty and either process and send to OEM, or repair internally, depending on warranty status.

Spares Management Programs Tempest can help you consolidate your warehouse needs or free up valuable space by stocking and managing all of your equipment spares at a central location. Your network downtime is minimized through immediate, on-demand delivery with overnight shipping.

Fast Turnaround Time and High Yields Tempest’s in-house engineered diagnostics tools, combined with our large selection of multi-vendor equipment, result in our industry-leading standard turnaround times of 20 business days.

One-Year Warranty on All Repairs We guarantee that your equipment will be repaired precisely the first time.

Customized Reporting Tempest will design a custom report for you and your technicians to review. Our powerful IT and Management Systems can generate regular reports per your custom requirements that give you total visibility of your inventory and status of all your repairs.

Personalized Customer Service Our customer-centric approach starts with warm and personalized service from our friendly team members. Every network equipment repair is assigned to a dedicated point of contact who will oversee the entire process for your clarity and convenience.

If you cannot find the equipment that you are looking for on the list. Please contact your Tempest Account Executive or Account Manager. If you don’t have one please call 805-879-4800, email us at or messages us on live chat. We look forward to supporting you.