4RF Aprisa SR+ Point-to-Multipoint Radio

4RF Aprisa SR+ Point-to-Multipoint Radio

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4RF Aprisa SR+ Smart, Secure Point-to-Multipoint Radio

4RF Aprisa SR+ is distance-engineered and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications, providing reliable, robust performance however demanding the conditions: or real world radio. RF performance is unbeatable, with attention paid to every element of the design: transmitter, receiver, modulation and efficiency.

The receiver maintains exceptional low noise operation via excellent sensitivity for greater distance and high selectivity and intermodulation suppression for superior protection from interference. This performance is complemented by fast switching circuitry and high transmit power ensuring long distance operation with exceptional system reliability and availability.

  • 48VDC
  • 928-960MHz
  • SSC
  • Half Duplex
  • 2 Ethernet Ports & 2 Serial
  • APSQ-R928-SSC-HD-22-ENAA