4RF APXE-N900-200-G2-24-IC00 Microwave Links

4RF APXE-N900-200-G2-24-IC00 Microwave Links

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Aprisa XE 1+0, 32-960 MHz, 200KHz , G2, 24VDC,IC, STD CONFIG

Aprisa XE: maximizing spectrum use and making challenging long distance links possible:

  • 900 MHz band
  • Efficient future-proof single-box architecture: the Aprisa XE’s built-in multiplexer and cross-connect eliminate external equipment and minimize the over-the-air requirements, with customer-configurable interface slots integrating all IP, voice and data traffic.
  • High capacity: class-leading spectral efficiency and up to 64 QAM modulation make the maximum use of the available spectrum
  • Long range: a single 900 MHz Aprisa XE can link distances in excess of 120 miles
  • Carrier-class performance: Aprisa XE links are engineered to achieve ‘five 9s’ availability, benefiting from state of the art forward error correction and inherent low latencies
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Redundancy option: Monitored Hot Standby for protection in mission-critical applications
  • Reliable: the Aprisa XE has an actual MTBF of 95.72 years