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ABB 408490258

Manufacturer Part Number: 408490258

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Experience enhanced safety and efficiency with the ABB 408490258, a circuit breaker engineered to meet high standards in electrical protection. This device is designed to handle 35 amperes, making it suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

The ABB 408490258 is distinguished by its bullet-style black handle, which not only provides a firm grip for manual operation but also adds a level of durability and aesthetic appeal to the equipment. Additionally, it features an alarm strap, an essential safety feature that alerts the system to specific conditions, thereby preventing potential hazards before they escalate.

This circuit breaker is ideal for businesses looking to enhance electrical safety and performance. Its robust design ensures long-term reliability, while its specialized features make it a smart choice for those needing precise protection capabilities.

Key Features:

  • 35 Ampere Capacity: Suitable for various commercial and industrial applications.
  • Bullet-Style Black Handle: Ensures durability and ease of operation.
  • Alarm Strap: Enhances safety by providing condition alerts.

Invest in the ABB 408490258 for reliable and efficient circuit protection tailored to your electrical system’s needs.