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Adtran 4243908F1 Total Access 908e 3rd Gen

Manufacturer Part Number: 4243908F1
Item Number: NEQ.18762

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Adtran 4243908F1 Total Access 908e Gen 3: Powerful IP Business Gateway for Converged Networks

Upgrade your business communications with the Adtran Total Access 908e Gen 3, a versatile IP Business Gateway designed for converged voice and data applications.

This all-in-one solution delivers robust features for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Seamless Voice and Data Integration: Consolidate your voice and data networks onto a single platform, reducing complexity and costs.
  • Enhanced Voice Quality: Ensure crystal-clear voice calls with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Connect to various networks with four T1 interfaces, one Gigabit Ethernet interface, and two Fast Ethernet interfaces.
  • Legacy Equipment Support: Maintain compatibility with existing analog phone systems using the eight FXS ports.
  • Advanced Security: Safeguard your network with a stateful inspection firewall.
  • Reliable Performance: Experience dependable data transfer and voice call clarity.
  • Simplified Management: The user-friendly Adtran Operating System (AOS) simplifies configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable solution for converged voice and data networks, the Adtran Total Access 908e Gen 3 delivers exceptional value.

Here’s what makes the Adtran Total Access 908e Gen 3 stand out:

  • Up to 8 FXS Analog Ports: Connect fax machines, modems, and traditional phones for seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.
  • Multiple Ethernet Interfaces: Gigabit and Fast Ethernet connectivity options ensure compatibility with various network setups.
  • Robust Routing and Firewall: Manage data traffic efficiently and protect your network with a built-in firewall.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Prioritize voice traffic for uninterrupted call quality.
  • SIP or MGCP Support: Connect with industry-standard VoIP protocols for maximum flexibility.
  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous calls with optional Session Border Controller (SBC) functionality.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for familiar and easy configuration.
  • Compatible with NetVanta® PoE switches for powering IP phones and wireless access points.

Contact us today to upgrade your communications infrastructure with the feature-rich Adtran 4243908F1 Total Access 908e Gen 3!