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Bussmann TPA-30A Telecommunication Fuse

Manufacturer Part Number: TPA-30A

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Bussmann TPA-30: Reliable Protection for Your Telecom Equipment

Ensure safe and reliable operation of your telecommunication devices with the Bussmann TPA-30 telecommunication fuse. This high-performance fuse offers superior protection against overcurrents and shorts, safeguarding your valuable equipment from potential damage.

Key Features of the Bussmann TPA-30:

  • 30 Amp Current Rating: Handles continuous loads up to 30 Amps.
  • 100 kAIC Interrupt Rating: Provides exceptional protection against short circuit currents.
  • 170 VDC Voltage Rating: Suitable for a wide range of telecommunication applications.
  • Ferrule Terminals: Ensures easy and secure installation.
  • Non-Indicating Design: Simple to use, no need for visual verification after replacement.
  • Indication Pin & Orange Ring: Facilitates proper fuse selection and positioning.
  • CE Marked & RoHS Compliant: Meets international safety and environmental standards.

The Bussmann TPA-30 is ideal for protecting various telecommunication equipment, including:

  • Alarms
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • PBX Systems
  • Power Supplies
  • And More!

Why Choose Bussmann TPA-30?

  • Trusted Brand: Bussmann is a leader in electrical safety solutions, renowned for quality and reliability.
  • Enhanced Protection: Provides superior defense against overcurrents and short circuits.
  • Easy Installation: Ferrule terminals allow for quick and hassle-free integration.
  • Safe & Compliant: Meets international safety and environmental regulations.

Contact us today to upgrade your telecommunication system’s protection with the Bussmann TPA-30 telecommunication fuse! Order yours today!