Ceragon 15HPS-1R-RFU-6L450 RF Unit

Ceragon 15HPS-1R-RFU-6L450 RF Unit

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FibeAir 1500HP Split 1Rx RF Unit, Lower 6GHz

FibeAir 1500HP is a high transmit power RFU (Radio Frequency Unit). It is designed to enable high quality wireless communication in the most cost-effective way, including an ultra-high power transmitter that reaches longer distances and uses smaller antennas.

FibeAir 1500HP can be installed in a Split Mount or All-Indoor configuration. In the Split Mount installation, the RFU is installed near the antenna, with a single cable connecting between the RFU and IDU. In the All-Indoor configuration, the RFU is installed in the rack with the IDU and a flexible waveguide connects the RFU and antenna.

  • Split Mount Configuration
  • All-Indoor Configuration
  • All-Indoor Compact (Horizontal) Configuration