Cisco 15310-84WBE Expansion Module

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Cisco 15310-84WBE-3BBE2155.55555555556 Module:

  • 84-port DS1
  • 3-port DS3E/EC-1

The Cisco ONS 15310-MA is a carrier-class MSPP that efficiently switches Ethernet and TDM traffic for use in metropolitan and regional optical networks. Its flexibility and scalability allow it to support 1.5-Mbps to 2.5-Gbps TDM, as well as 10/100/1000-Mbps Ethernet interfaces. The Cisco ONS 15310-MA can aggregate traffic at a central office or collect services at the customer premises. At a central office, it can groom traffic from multiple customer-located network elements, such as the Cisco ONS 15310-CL, Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switch, or another Cisco ONS 15310-MA for distribution to other networks or handoff to specialized networking devices.