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CommScope FWP-U416000MOD RF Module

Manufacturer Part Number: FWP-U416000MOD

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Boost Your Network Performance with the CommScope FWP-U416000MOD

The CommScope FWP-U416000MOD is a powerful RF module designed to operate within the LTE 700 Upper C band. This module is a critical component of the FlexWave Prism DAS, providing enhanced wireless coverage and capacity to meet the demands of high-traffic areas.

Key Features:

  • 20W Power Output: Ensures robust signal strength and extended coverage.
  • LTE 700 Upper C Band: Operates within the 700 MHz frequency range, ideal for high-capacity wireless networks.
  • SISO Non-Diversity: Simplified configuration for reliable performance.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Improves overall network performance and user experience.


  • Large Venues: Perfect for stadiums, convention centers, and other large public spaces requiring strong, reliable wireless coverage.
  • Commercial Buildings: Enhances signal strength and quality within office buildings, hotels, and corporate campuses.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Ensures robust communication networks for hospitals and medical centers, supporting critical operations.

The CommScope FWP-U416000MOD RF Module is designed to provide exceptional performance, making it a vital addition to any DAS aiming to deliver superior wireless communication.

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