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CommScope NNH4-65C-R6-V3

Manufacturer Part Number: NNH4-65C-R6-V3
Item Number: ANT.17230

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Elevate your network’s performance with the CommScope NNH4-65C-R6-V3, a cutting-edge sector antenna designed for superior connectivity and coverage. This robust antenna features dual-band operation with 4 ports in the Low Band (698-896 MHz) and 8 ports in the High Band (1695-2360 MHz), ensuring broad coverage and exceptional data throughput with 4T4R MIMO technology.

The NNH4-65C-R6-V3 offers a 65° horizontal beamwidth and includes 6 remote electrical tilts (RET) for precise beam shaping and interference management, making it an ideal choice for network operators aiming to enhance service quality and user experience in both rural and urban settings.

Key Features:

  • Broadband Coverage: Supports both Low Band and High Band operations, suitable for a variety of wireless applications.
  • MIMO Technology: Equipped with 4T4R MIMO capability, enhancing throughput and network efficiency.
  • Adjustable Electrical Downtilt: Features a 0-10° downtilt range for optimized signal direction, reducing interference and improving link quality.
  • High Compatibility: Perfect for Band 14, AWS, PCS, and WCS applications, ensuring versatility across different network deployments.

Upgrade your network infrastructure with the CommScope NNH4-65C-R6-V3 for enhanced capacity, coverage, and reliability.