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Corning 700LTE-AO-A-CB LTE Add-On

Manufacturer Part Number: 700LTE-AO-A-CB

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Corning 700LTE-AO-A-CB Add-On for LTE
700MHz single band service for the MA2000 MRC

Elevate your LTE network with the Corning MobileAccess 700LTE-AO-A-CB Add-On for LTE 700MHz service. Designed to enhance and extend your LTE coverage, this add-on unit is perfect for improving network performance in areas with weak signals. Whether you’re managing a large facility, a corporate campus, or a remote location, the Corning 700LTE-AO-A-CB provides reliable, high-speed LTE connectivity to ensure seamless communication and data transfer.

Key Features

1. Enhanced LTE Coverage: The Corning 700LTE-AO-A-CB significantly boosts LTE signal strength, ensuring robust and reliable coverage in previously underserved areas. Experience improved call quality and faster data speeds across your network.

2. Seamless Integration: This add-on unit is designed for easy integration with existing LTE infrastructure. It works harmoniously with your current system, enhancing its capabilities without requiring extensive modifications.

3. High Compatibility: The 700LTE-AO-A-CB supports a wide range of LTE devices and is compatible with major carriers. This ensures broad usability and flexibility, making it a versatile addition to your network.

4. Easy Installation: With a straightforward installation process, the Corning 700LTE-AO-A-CB can be set up quickly and efficiently. Detailed instructions and minimal tools are needed, reducing setup time and labor costs.

5. Durable Design: Built to withstand various environmental conditions, the Corning 700LTE-AO-A-CB is both durable and reliable. Its robust construction ensures long-term performance and minimal maintenance.