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Corning HX-C85P19L70A17-AC-A Remote

Manufacturer Part Number: HX-C85P19L70A17-AC-A

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Corning MobileAccess HX-C85P19L70A17-AC-A Remote Unit
Quad-service indoor Cell, PCS, AWS, and 700 MHz LTE solution supporting local AC power, SMF and MMF

Elevate your network’s performance with the Corning HX-C85P19L70A17-AC-A, a cutting-edge remote unit designed for robust indoor cellular coverage. The Corning HX-C85P19L70A17-AC-A is a powerful solution for businesses and service providers looking to extend and enhance indoor wireless service. Its support for multiple services and high power output make it an excellent investment for improving mobile coverage and network reliability.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Quad-Service Capability: Supports multiple frequency bands including CELL, PCS, AWS, and 700 MHz LTE, providing comprehensive coverage and connectivity.
  • High Power Output: Engineered for high-demand environments, ensuring reliable service even in areas with extensive connectivity needs.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be mounted on walls or racks, offering versatile placement options to fit various indoor environments.
  • Local AC Power Support: Simplifies installation and maintenance by using local AC power sources, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Indoor Optimization: Specifically designed for indoor use, making it ideal for buildings like offices, hospitals, and shopping centers where strong indoor signal is crucial.

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