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Corning HX-C85P19L70A17-DC-A High-Power Remote Unit

Manufacturer Part Number: HX-C85P19L70A17-DC-A

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Corning MobileAccess HX-C85P19L70A17-DC-A High-Power DAS Remote
HX Indoor Quad-Service CELL/PCS/700LTE/AWS 2W Remote DC Power SMF

MobileAccess HX-C85P19L70A17-DC-A is a high-power, remote solution for the MobileAccess1000 (MA1000) and MobileAccess2000 (MA2000) Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The solution can be deployed in new sites or alongside existing MA1000 and MA2000 systems, sharing a common headend and element management system (EMS).

  • PCS
  • AWS, and 700 MHz LTE solution
  • Supporting remote DC power, SMF and MMF
  • Up to 4 bands
  • 2 Watts (33 dBm) per band per port
  • Indoor SISO and MIMO in a single enclosure

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