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Corning LPS-48V-100W Power Supply

Manufacturer Part Number: LPS-48V-100W

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Corning MobileAccess LPS-48V-100W AC/DC Converter
48 VDC, 100 Watt

The LPS-48V-100W Power Supply Local AC/DC Converter 100W is a specially designed power supply intended for use in patient monitoring equipment and other medical equipment as applicable. The power supply provides the required power supply to patient monitoring equipment. The LPS-48V-100W has an integrated fan module that provides efficient cooling. It is compatible with universal AC input voltage. The product is made of high quality material, and is well-suited for modern medical, and other demanding applications.

Additional Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Integral fan cooling
  • High efficiency
  • Protection against short circuit, over voltage and reverse polarity
  • Complies to UL and IEC safety standards
  • CE and cURus Approved
  • RoHS compliant