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Corning RIMe-A17 Extended Radio Interface Module

Manufacturer Part Number: RIMe-A17

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Corning ONE RIMe-A17 Extended Radio Interface Module
Supporting the AWS 1700 MHz band, supporting -11 to 37 dBm input power

Unleash Powerful AWS Cellular Coverage in Your Building

The Corning ONE RIMe-A17 Extended Radio Interface Module is your key to unlocking robust and reliable AWS (1700 MHz) cellular coverage within your Distributed Antenna System (DAS). This innovative module empowers you to deliver a seamless mobile experience for users in large buildings, ensuring clear calls and uninterrupted data connections.

Unleash the Power of AWS:

  • Dedicated AWS Support: Engineered specifically to optimize signal strength for the 1700 MHz AWS band, a critical component of modern cellular networks.
  • Extended Coverage: Expands the reach of your DAS, eliminating dead zones and dropped calls throughout your building.
  • Wide Input Power Range: The RIMe-A17 accommodates a broad range of signal strengths (-11 to 37 dBm), offering flexibility for diverse DAS configurations.

Benefits of the RIMe-A17 ONE:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Guarantees consistent and reliable AWS cellular coverage for improved call quality, data speeds, and overall user satisfaction.
  • Future-Proof Connectivity: Prepares your building for the ever-growing demand for robust mobile connectivity by optimizing the crucial AWS band.
  • Simplified Integration: The RIMe-A17 seamlessly integrates with existing Corning DAS solutions for a smooth upgrade process.

Ideal Applications for the RIMe-A17:

  • Commercial Buildings: Strengthens cellular coverage in office spaces, shopping malls, and convention centers, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for tenants and staff.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Provides reliable AWS cellular access for critical communication needs.
  • Educational Institutions: Extends consistent cellular coverage across campus buildings for students, faculty, and staff.

Invest in a Seamlessly Connected Future

The Corning RIMe-A17 ONE Extended Radio Interface Module is a strategic investment for your DAS.

Contact us today to optimize your AWS cellular coverage to can ensure your building remains equipped to handle the ever-growing demand for reliable mobile connectivity!