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Corning RIU-12-CNDTR-EAWS Conditioner

Manufacturer Part Number: RIU-12-CNDTR-EAWS

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Corning RIU-12-CNDTR-EAWS Conditioner
Extended AWS SISO conditioner for RIU-12 Chassis, 0 to +36 dBm input range

The Corning RIU-12-CNDTR-CELL Conditioner is engineered to optimize cellular network performance by effectively conditioning and managing RF signals. Whether you are deploying a new cellular network or upgrading an existing one, this conditioner provides exceptional performance and reliability.

Key Features

  • Optimized Signal Conditioning: The RIU-12-CNDTR-CELL ensures optimal signal strength and clarity, enhancing overall network performance.
  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of cellular network configurations, offering versatile integration options.
  • Durable Design: Constructed for longevity, this conditioner is built to withstand demanding cellular network environments.
  • Efficient Network Management: Features intuitive controls and monitoring capabilities for streamlined network management.