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Cubro CUB.OM-20 Network Packet Broker

Manufacturer Part Number: CUB.OM-20

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Cubro CUB.OM-20 Network Packet Broker
Power & Versatility for any Enterprise

Advanced Network Packet Broker, Capture appliance and DPI Probe

The Omnia20 is a multi-function network appliance perfect for SMBs, branch offices, and remote deployments. The Omnia20 features built-in passive tapping capability, 10G interfaces, several software options, and onboard storage.

The Omnia20 features eight 1GbE copper interfaces with built-in bypass capability that supports fail-safe tapping of up to 4 bidirectional links. It also features two 10GbE SFP+ and two 1GbE SFP interfaces. A quad-core ARMv8 CPU and 16GB of memory provide twice the processing performance of the Omnia 10, while a 2TB M.2 SSD, mini-PCI slot, and USB 3.0 type A connector provide expansion and connectivity options.

  • 16GB Memory
  • Versatile device with multiple software options to fill many roles
  • Built-in tapping and aggregation
  • Local Packet Capture and Analysis
  • NetFlow generation and collector
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Advanced Network Packet Broker
  • Supports third-party software and custom applications
  • See Data Sheet for complete specifications and licensing information.

The Omnia20 is an affordable, high-performance, customizable network appliance with a unique design and flexible feature set.

Cubro Omnia20 Network Packet Broker – Data Sheet