Eltek Smartpack S Controller

Eltek Smartpack S Controller

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Eltek Smartpack S: Compact, rich-featured, hot-swappable, all-in-one dc power panel

Designed for the Eltek Flatpack S system platform, the Smartpack S finds its way into many space restricted application. Used in the 1U high, 265mm deep power racks, Smartpack S offers comprehensive monitoring and control of a 2-3kW system occupying less than 6 liters.

The Smartpack S covers all control and monitoring needs of small to medium telecom and industrial DC power systems. Status and configuration is fully available through the display locally, or through the ethernet plug both remote or locally.

  • Graphical 2.2″ tft high contrast, high resolution color display for easy navigation in user menu
  • Ethernet for remote or local monitoring and control via web browser
  • SNMP protocol with trap, set and get on ethernet. email of trap alarms
  • 6 programmable relay outputs
  • 6 programmable multi-purpose inputs (“digital inputs” or analog signals).
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Automatic battery monitoring and test
  • Battery quality SoH based on test results and more