Ericsson 242100.400 Compack Controller

Ericsson 242100.400 Compack Controller

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Ericsson 242100.400.00001135 Compack Controller

Monitoring and Control Unit

“All-in-one” plug-in controller. Comprehensive functionality in a small box designed for small range power systems.

  • -48V LVD Standard
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet
  • SNMP (v3,v2c,v1)
  • Web pages
  • E-mail of logs and alarms3 configurable relays 3 multipurpose inputs
  • Temperature
  • Symmetry
  • Digital Input2 LVD controlls (lvbd+lvld)12V, 24V, 30V, 48V, 60V
  • 60V Supported Battery monitoring
  • Auto/periodic test
  • Capacity/quality estimation Eltek software supported
  • Eltek Network Utility (ENU)
  • Multi-Site Monitor
  • Power Suite