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Ericsson Radio System

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Hardware, Software, and Related Services to Build Modular and Scalable Radio Access Networks

The Ericsson Radio System is a complete solution to build a future-proof Radio Access Network. It’s designed to fit all site types and traffic scenarios, even as networks grow in scale and complexity, from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G — delivering industry-leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption.

State-of-the-art Technology Operating in GSM, WCDMA, LTE, and 5G mode using FDD, TDD

Ericsson Radio System enables smooth, fast and cost-effective migration from 4G to 5G, enabling operators to launch the new technology and quickly grow 5G coverage. Ericsson Radio System comprises hardware and software for radio, RAN Compute, transport, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions — all ran by a common management system. It fits all site types and traffic scenarios, even as networks grow in scale and complexity.

Ericsson Radio System Macro, street macro, micro, and indoor radios for radio access networks:

Ericsson 5G-Ready Radio System
Ericsson 5G-Ready Radio System
  • Macro Layer: consists of rooftop sites and masts to quickly obtain the largest possible coverage area.
  • Street Macro: combines high output power levels of macro radios with the ease-of-site-build that micro products have
  • Micro: is an attractive solution given the small form-factor and the ease-of-deployment
  • Indoor: delivers high per-user capacity and rate coverage everywhere, with the potential to improve performance