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Ericsson ROJ1192528/1 Card AMC DSPmem 4 4 4 Board

Manufacturer Part Number: ROJ1192528/1
Item Number: SEQ.13823

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Ericsson ROJ1192528/1: Enhance Your System’s Performance

Upgrade your Ericsson system with the genuine Ericsson ROJ1192528/1 Printed Board Assembly (AMC DSPmem 4 4 4 Card). This high-performance board is designed to deliver increased memory capacity and improved data processing for your critical applications.

Here’s what makes the Ericsson ROJ1192528/1 exceptional:

  • Enhanced Memory Capacity: The “4 4 4” designation signifies the board’s configuration, offering ample memory to handle demanding workloads.
  • Improved System Performance: Experience faster data processing and smoother operation for your Ericsson equipment.
  • Genuine Ericsson Quality: This Ericsson-manufactured part guarantees compatibility and reliability with your existing system.


  • Ideal for Ericsson systems requiring increased memory and processing power.
  • Suitable for various telecommunication and networking applications.

Why Choose Us?

  • Guaranteed Compatibility: We ensure the Ericsson ROJ1192528/1 seamlessly integrates with your Ericsson system.
  • Technical Expertise: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge to assist you with product selection and configuration.
  • Fast Shipping: Get your Ericsson ROJ1192528/1 delivered quickly and securely.

Upgrade your Ericsson system today and experience the benefits of increased performance and reliability!