Fluke Networks MS2-KIT MicroScanner Pro Cable Verifier

Fluke Networks MS2-KIT MicroScanner Pro Cable Verifier

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Fluke Networks MS2-KIT MicroScanner Pro Cable Verifier makes testing your PoE based communication cabling fast, easy, and clear. The tester reports the maximum power class the switch can provide under 802.3af, 802.3at, and 802.3bt specifications and displays the 802.3 PoE class (0-8) or the voltage from passive PoE sources. This allows you to verify the exact issues that may be affecting a PoE-based installation. The MS2-KIT MicroScanner Pro Cable Verifier also provides information on available services up to 10G Ethernet ensuring that your network is capable of performing to your needs.

Reduce test time and user error

Yesterday’s cable verification testers force you to toggle between different modes (up to four) to view all test results. This not only slows the test process, but also causes frustration and error. MicroScanner Series has defied this convention by displaying key test results — wiremap, pair lengths, distance to fault, cable ID, and far-end devices — all on one screen.

Repair or replace tools less often

The MicroScanner MS2-KIT features a rubber wrap-around holster that makes it the right tool for even the toughest jobs. Toss it into your toolbox. Drop it from a ladder. It can handle it. It even comes standard with a vinyl carry pouch for enhanced protection and convenience.

MS2-KIT Professional Kit includes MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier ships with:

  • main wiremap adapter
  • remote identifiers #2-7
  • IntelliTone Pro 200 probe
  • shielded twisted-pair RJ45 patch cord
  • RJ11 patch cord
  • clip-set RJ45 to 8 alligator clip bare wire adapter
  • F Coax push on patch cord
  • accessory soft pouch
  • (2) AA alkaline batteries
  • (1) 9V alkaline battery
  • MicroScanner2 Getting Started Guide
  • Magnetic Strap Attachment
  • IntelliTone Pro Getting Started Guide
  • Deluxe Fluke Networks carrying case
Service Testing and Multimedia Support

The MS2-KIT displays key test results — wiremap, pair lengths, distance to fault, cable ID, and far end device — all on one screen. Plus it features an oversized, backlit LCD screen with the power to display wiremap results graphically, which brings unprecedented comfort and clarity to the user experience.

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