GPS Networking MLDCBS1X2-R2

Manufacturer Part Number: MLDCBS1X2-R2

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  • Precise Amplitude Balance
    • Less than 1 dB variation between ports.
  • Flat Group Delay
    • Less than 1ns variation between L1 and L2.
  • Low Insertion Loss
    • -3.5 dB loss is typical across all operating frequencies.



This Mini Loaded DC Blocked Splitter 1X2 (MLDCBS1X2-R2) is a passive one input, two output RF splitter that splits signals from 1.1 GHz to 1.7 GHz. This equipment is designed to passively split signals within the L-band to provide multiple devices with the signal from a single antenna. In the standard configuration, the J1 port will pass DC voltage from a connected device and pass this power to the antenna or other devices upline from the splitter. The other port (J2) is DC blocked and loaded
with a 200Ω resistor to simulate antenna current draw which prevents antenna alarm faults.