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INFINERA TIM-1-100GE Tributary Interface Module

Manufacturer Part Number: TIM-1-100GE

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Unleash Blazing-Fast 100GbE Connectivity with the Infinera TIM-1-100GE

Empower your DTN-X network with unparalleled 100 Gigabit Ethernet performance using the Infinera TIM-1-100GE Tributary Interface Module. This innovative module seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, delivering unmatched bandwidth and flexibility for today’s demanding applications.

Uncompromised Speed and Efficiency:

  • Effortlessly transport 100GbE traffic across your DTN-X network, enabling high-speed data transfer for bandwidth-intensive tasks.
  • Compliant with the IEEE 802.3ab 100GbE standard ensures interoperability with existing equipment for a smooth integration.

Flexible Deployment Options:

  • Double-slot TIM design offers adaptability, fitting conveniently into two adjacent sub-slots on your OTM-500.
  • Supports a wide range of Infinera TOM optical modules (TOM-100G-SR10, TOM-100G-S10X, TOM-100G-LR4, TOM-100G-L10X) for diverse network configurations (detailed specifications on pages 2-148, 2-151, 2-154, 2-157 of the Infinera DTN-X Hardware Description Guide).

Unmatched Client Interface:

  • Supports a single 100GbE client interface, providing a dedicated high-speed connection for your critical applications.

Optimize Your Network for the Future:

The Infinera TIM-1-100GE empowers you to:

  • Handle massive data streams with ease, ideal for data centers, cloud providers, and service providers.
  • Future-proof your network infrastructure with cutting-edge 100GbE technology.
  • Experience exceptional scalability to accommodate your growing network demands.

Contact us today to invest in the Infinera TIM-1-100GE and unlock a new era of high-performance networking!