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Juniper Networks MX40 Universal Routing Platform

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Juniper Networks

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The compact, agile, and full-featured MX40 Universal Routing Platform is ideally suited for enterprise and service provider applications, and is optimized for space- and power-constrained facilities. It is equipped with built-in 10GbE ports and Modular Interface Card (MIC) slots that permit flexible network connectivity, and a MS-MIC slot for dedicated service support.

The MX40 is also software upgradeable to deliver 60 Gbps throughput, increased port density, and services. This investment protecting approach enables customers to increase bandwidth, subscriber, and services scale as needed, while minimizing upfront costs.

MX40 Features

Long-Term Investment Protection

Increase scale through 80 Gbps and add services via simple software upgrade for nondisruptive platform evolution and long-term investment protection.


Seamless integration with SDN controllers like Juniper Networks Contrail enables elastic service delivery, simplified operations, and service differentiation.

Service Agility

Ability to incorporate services inline and via MS-MIC provides new revenue opportunities in business and residential markets.

Compact Design

At 2 U, the full-featured MX40 is an ideal choice for space- and power-constrained facilities.