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Lucent FB-16581-2A

Manufacturer Part Number: FB-16581-2A

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Enhance your telecommunications infrastructure with the Lucent FB-16581-2A, a high-performance processor card designed for GTD-5 M386 systems. This essential component is engineered to support robust network operations, ensuring reliable and efficient processing capabilities crucial for system performance.

The FB-16581-2A is part of a series that is well-regarded for its durability and effectiveness in a range of telecommunications environments. With its advanced technology, this processor card meets the rigorous demands of modern network applications, offering exceptional quality and performance.

Key Features:

  • Specific Designation: GTD-5 M386 Processor Card
  • Model Number: EGPQCB5GAB
  • High Compatibility: Perfectly integrates with GTD-5 M386 systems, ensuring seamless operations.

Investing in the Lucent FB-16581-2A means ensuring your network systems operate at peak efficiency with reliable processing support. It is available refurbished, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance.