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Microlab FZ Series Low PIM Attenuators

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FZ-03, FZ-06, FZ-10, FZ-15, FZ-20, FZ-30

Microlab FZ Series fixed Coaxial Attenuators are designed for high power wireless applications where guaranteed low PIM performance is critical. Standard models, except 3 dB, are unidirectional with a conventional male input feeding to a female output on the opposite face of the attenuators with no though DC path. The 3 dB Attenuator has all female connectors, and also provides DC continuity by selecting input B, while selecting input A, the path is DC isolated. The unused port must be terminated with the supplied 2W termination. Other connector configurations are available to special order. The design is exceptionally rugged, and negligibly affected by changes in ambient temperature.

  • Frequency: 617 – 2700 MHz
  • 80W – 133W Average Power
  • Guaranteed Low PIM: -161 dBc (-118 dBm) min. (Test with 2x tones of +43dBm)
  • Multiple Attenuation Values for design flexibility
  • Impedance: 50Ω nominal
  • IP67 Rated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 4.3-10, N-type & 7/16 DIN connector options
  • Mounting brackets included

Microlab FZ Series Low PIM Attenuators

4.3-10 N-type 7/16 DIN In-Out Accuracy (dB)
617-694 MHz
Accuracy (dB)
694 – 2700 MHz
FZ-03FE FZ-03FN FZ-03FD f-f 3±0.9 3±0.5 <1.20:1 80 W
FZ-06E FZ-06N FZ-06D m-f 6.2+1.2/-1.0 6.2±1.0 <1.25:1 133 W
FZ-10E FZ-10N FZ-10D m-f 10+1.2/-1.0 10±1.0 <1.25:1 110 W
FZ-15E FZ-15N FZ-15D m-f 15+1.5/-0.8 15±1.0 <1.25:1 100 W
FZ-20E FZ-20N FZ-20D m-f 20+1.3/-1.0 20±1.0 <1.25:1 100 W
FZ-30E FZ-30N FZ-30D m-f 30+1.6/-1.3 30±1.3 <1.25:1 100 W