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Manufacturer Part Number: MRU-PAM-7

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Unleash Peak Performance: Corning MRU-PAM-7 LTE Power Amplifier Module

Boost your cellular signal for seamless enterprise network connectivity with the Corning MRU-PAM-7, a mid-power amplifier module optimized for LTE 700 MHz applications.

Targeted Strength for Demanding Networks:

  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability: Backed by Corning, a leader in fiber optic and telecommunication technology, the MRU-PAM-7 is built to deliver lasting performance in demanding environments.
  • LTE 700 MHz Optimization: Designed specifically for the 700 MHz frequency band, this amplifier enhances cellular signal strength for reliable LTE connectivity.
  • Ideal for Business Networks: The MRU-PAM-7 is the perfect solution for businesses requiring robust wireless connections for critical applications like data transfer, voice communication, and IoT deployments.

Upgrade Your Network. Empower Your Business.

  • Enhanced Signal Strength: Experience amplified cellular signal for improved network performance and wider coverage within your enterprise.
  • Streamlined Installation: Designed for ease of use, the MRU-PAM-7 integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructure.
  • Built to Last: Corning’s commitment to quality ensures long-lasting durability and reliable operation.

Corning MRU-PAM-7: The Powerhouse for Peak Cellular Performance in Your Enterprise Network.