PCTEL 3967D GPS Antenna

Manufacturer Part Number: 3967D

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Ideal for handheld GPS devices, mobile asset tracking equipment and GPS timing applications, this ruggedized antenna features a custom designed ceramic patch element, a two-stage low noise amplifier and a SAW filter, providing optimal out-of-band signal rejection performance and a consistent and clear signal, while minimizing loss-of-lock.

  • Minimizes interference – High rejection dual SAW filters allow placement near other transmitting antennas
  • Superior filtering – via an innovative two-stage low noise amplifier and a dual SAW high rejection filter
  • Consistent, clear signal reception – minimal loss-of-lock in high-RF fields
  • Flexible installation – comes with internal 1.85” mini-ground plane


  • Embedded applications
  • Handheld GPS devices
  • Mobile asset tracking equipment
  • GPS timing applications