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Raycap Strikesorb 35-D-HV-M DC Surge Protector

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DC Protection: Raycap Strikesorb 35 Surge Protective Devices

Strikesorb 35-D-HV-MStrikesorb 35-E-HV-MStrikesorb 35-F-HV-MStrikesorb 35-G-HV-M

Raycap’s innovative Strikesorb 35 surge protective device is designed specifically for DC applications operating at voltage up to 1500 V and is compliant with the UL 1449 4th edition and EN 50539-11 standards.

Maximum Continuous Operating DC Voltages

  • 650V: Strikesorb 35-D-HV-M
  • 800V: Strikesorb 35-E-HV-M
  • 1,100V: Strikesorb 35-F-HV-M
  • 1,500V: Strikesorb 35-G-HV-M

Strikesorb Features & Benefits

  • Category IEC / UL: Type 1 per EN 50539-11, Type 2 Component Assembly per UL 15449 4th Ed
  • Location of use: DC power installations for example: photovoltaic, power semiconductor, and other DC applications
  • Maximum Continuous Operating DC Voltage [Ucpv]: Up to 1500V
  • Nominal Discharge Current [In] per UL 1449 4th Edition: 20kA 8/20 μs (except for 35-D-HV-M)
  • Protective elements: MOV
  • Impulse Discharge Current [limp] per EN 50539-11: 12.5 kA 10/350 μs
  • Housing:  Strikesorb’s patented design minimizes the effects of ageing and completely eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure, explosion or fire.
  • Complies with: EN 50539-11 & UL 1449 4th Edition