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Spirent DX3-400G 2-Port Seven-Speed Test Module

Manufacturer Part Number: DX3-400G

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Spirent DX3-400G 2-Port Seven-Speed Test Module

DX3-400G | Native QSFP-DD Test Module | Native CFP8 Test Module | Native OSFP Test Module
Network bandwidth needs continue to grow at a rapid pace. Network equipment manufacturers are developing highly flexible multi-rate products to support the latest generation of HSE devices. Service Providers and Hyperscale data centers are deploying multi-rate networking infrastructure solutions to meet this growing market.

Spirent DX3-400G (dX3) quad speed module architecture was developed to address the requirements of 4 times density advantage for native CFP8 and 2 times density advantage for QSFP-DD and industry first OSFP test module.

Spirent’s native QSFP-DD test modules can be configured to support seven speeds per port, 400/200/100/50/40/25/10GbE with both PAM4 and NRZ encoding. The native QSFP-DD test module also supports Auto Negotiation and Link Training for all speeds including 8x50G AN/LT. Trade-in programs are available for customers interested in upgrading existing test modules to support AN/LT and NRZ encoding.

As an additional benefit, DX3-QSFP-DD-2 test modules provide a convenient way to upgrade to new hardware speed options through the purchase of related software licenses. These next-generation modules do not need to be returned to the factory in order to upgrade support for new speed options.


Cloud Computing/Streaming Services: Validate data plane QoS on thousands of flows at line rate and test complex routing, data center and access protocols on switches and routers. A single N12U can support 24-400G ports, or 4-ports from a single N4U chassis.


  • 2 400GbE ports per dX3 module, delivers the highest density high-speed Ethernet solution per module, chassis or rack unit
  • Each QSFP-DD port supports:
    • PAM4 – 1x400G, 2x200G, 4x100G, 8x50G
    • NRZ – 2x100G, 4x50G, 2x40G, 8x25G, 8x10G
  • 4x100G (QSFP28) accessory cable ACC-1067A required
  • Each port supports both PAM4 and NRZ encoding (Native QSFP- DD module ONLY, requires chassis license
  • Support for Ethernet (FEC), and Auto Negotiation and Link Training (AN/LT) on all speeds including 8x50G mode
  • Protocol testing for L2/3 routing/ switching and data center test cases


  • Industry’s highest density single slot test modules: 4 times CFP8 advantage, 2 times QSFP-DD advantage
  • Industry’s first native OSFP test module
  • PAM4 and NRZ (QSFP-DD) solution in one platform
  • Provides large capacity testing for a variety of services
  • Hardware speed option upgrades available via licensing

Please refer to Data Sheet for complete specifications and configuration information.

Data Sheet