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Spirent OCTOBOX Triathlon

Manufacturer Part Number: OCTOBOX Triathlon

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Spirent OCTOBOX Triathlon
System for accurate physical Wi-Fi layer measurements

RF layer analysis testbed using event-based triggering

A well-functioning Wi-Fi system needs good quality Wi-Fi transmitters which are free of distortions. Spirent’s OCTOBOX Triathlon is designed to generate physical layer measurements in Wi-Fi, such as distortion.

Spirent Triathlon has the ability to cross probe of results between scriptMachine and Litepoint. This allows you to view packets in Wireshark and by double clicking, view the same packets in Litepoint. Additionally, the OCTOBOX Triathlon can measure physical layer properties of a transmitter across its performance range.

  • An environment for accurate physical layer measurements
  • Shielding from external environment
  • Traffic generation
  • Attenuation for an RvR measurement

Triathlon consists of:

  • Shielded chambers where the device under test is placed
  • Litepoint device to capture various measurements such as EVM and the constellation
  • Cabling and attenuators to connect the device under test to the Litepoint device
  • OCTOBOX Pal-6E test instrument to act as the device with which the device under test is communicating when the measurement is made
  • Traffic generator to generate traffic for the measurement
  • Software to control the measurement
  • Software to collect the results from the Litepoint device for further analysis on the OCTOBOX scriptMachine
  • An ability to cross probe of results between scriptMachine and Litepoint