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Westell CS18-115-127

Manufacturer Part Number: CS18-115-127

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Optimize Your DAS with the Westell CS18-115-127 ClearLink UDIT Chassis

The Westell CS18-115-127 ClearLink UDIT Chassis with Control Module is engineered to deliver robust and efficient RF signal conditioning and distribution. This versatile chassis supports seamless integration with various DAS and BTS components, ensuring reliable and high-performance wireless communication.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design: Accommodates up to 12 plug-and-play UDIT modules, allowing for flexible and scalable deployments.
  • Comprehensive Control: Includes a control module for efficient management and monitoring of the system.
  • High Compatibility: Compatible with multiple DAS and BTS vendors, providing a universal interface for signal conditioning.
  • Reliable Performance: Ensures consistent and high-quality signal transmission, enhancing overall network reliability.


  • Telecommunications Networks: Ideal for integrating DAS components in telecom networks to improve signal coverage and quality.
  • Large Venues: Suitable for use in stadiums, convention centers, and other large public spaces requiring enhanced wireless communication.
  • Commercial Buildings: Enhances signal distribution in office buildings, hotels, and shopping malls.

The Westell CS18-115-127 ClearLink UDIT Chassis with Control Module is a critical component for optimizing DAS infrastructure, providing reliable signal conditioning and enhancing network performance.