Spirent public safety over LTE testing

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LTE has delivered mobile broadband with HD voice and video to over a billion global subscribers, supported multitudes of devices, and has been enriched by millions of apps. This success has led to LTE’s selection as the technology foundation for next-gen public safety networks.
Public Safety over LTE (PS-LTE) will enable powerful solutions delivering more effective emergency services to better protect our first responders and the communities they serve. As this new generation of public safety networks becomes available, Spirent experts and solutions are here to help you prepare.

Speech intelligibility evaluation

In the real world of noise-filled emergency environments, being misunderstood or having to repeat oneself can have catastrophic consequences. Spirent recently became the first organization to offer a Speech Intelligibility Evaluation service based on the ABC-MRT16 algorithm developed by the U.S. NTIA. Read our white paper to take an insider’s look at how our new test methodology assessed four commercially-available PS-LTE devices with surprising results.

Ensuring quality of service

With new frequency bands, specific needs for network prioritization and resilience, mission critical push-to-talk, and HD video for situational awareness, PS-LTE brings a host of new requirements. As such, traditional conformance testing is simply insufficient for assuring what matters most – the live user experience.
spirent network prioritization
High Quality Video

High quality video

While current public safety networks are typically voice-centric and only support very low data rates, PS-LTE will deliver new multi-media experiences capable of high quality video calling, streaming, broadcast and reconnaissance. Yet each type of video has its own unique characteristics and challenges that can greatly affect your experience. Understanding these complexities is key.

Location accuracy

Emergency personnel require location-based services to help pinpoint first responders or direct them to persons in need; whether indoors or out. In many locations, accuracy and availability can only be provided by a combination of multiple location technologies. Providing and assuring accurate performance is crucial.
Spirent location accuracy
Spirent Launch Readiness

Assessing launch readiness

Mobile devices perform differently based on a highly complex set of factors. The bottom line: the only way to know if they’re delivering on user experience is to test in the live network, or in lab conditions which realistically emulate it. Spirent’s Fit4Launch programs are designed to save time and money while ensuring a quality acceptance process.

Trusted by global carriers across generations of mobile technologies

Spirent’s validated test solutions have been used throughout the world for certifying mobile devices and services on global carrier networks for over 25 years. Our solutions incorporate proprietary best practices based on years of testing user experience for voice, video, data, location services, battery life, and more.

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