IoT Test & Assurance

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers breathtaking potential. Bring new IoT products and services to market faster with standards-based testing.


The Need for Standards-based Testing

IoT success means navigating new technologies, vastly increased numbers of devices, surging M2M traffic, and new security threats. Service providers and device manufacturers must embrace open standards for interoperability, performance, and security testing to ensure devices and networks can deliver on the promise of massive IoT.

Five Key Test Considerations for Cellular IoT Devices

Cellular modules have made it easy to build robust IoT devices, but there are also some unique pitfalls that developers and designers must know how to avoid. This white paper explores them in more detail. 

Optimizing Cellular Networks for IoT

This paper introduces the key test and assurance challenges created by IoT, analyzes the risks of not addressing them adequately, and presents some advice and best practice recommendations.

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