Spirent MIMO OTA testing

Fully evaluate the MIMO performance of your device


Testing mobile devices Over the Air (OTA) in its actual form factor allows device performance to be assessed with much greater accuracy than through conducted testing. Spirent’s MIMO OTA Test solution is designed to test the MIMO performance of mobile devices under very realistic OTA conditions.

The Spirent solution addresses both important test areas of Reverberation and Anechoic Chamber configurations that are rapidly gaining prominence. Backed by Spirent’s world-class expertise in channel propagation modeling and simulation expertise, the solution offers flexibility and scalability to support your MIMO test needs.

MIMO OTA Anechoic Chamber

MIMO OTA anechoic chamber

Spirent’s MIMO OTA Anechoic Chamber solution supports the fully automated test capability for the latest CTIA MIMO OTA test plan. Allowing easy control over the number of paths, elevation spread and polarization, it can easily simulate key characteristics such as power delay profiles, base antenna polarization and Doppler effects. Read more about the importance of MIMO OTA testing and some key elements of CTIA’s test plan in Spirent’s Ensuring MIMO Device Performance with Over-the-Air Testing White Paper.

MIMO OTA reverberation chamber

Spirent’s MIMO OTA Reverberation Chamber solution creates realistic test environments by providing higher Dopplers as in vehicular and train fading environments, eNodeB antenna effects, imbalance, high correlation cases, better control over delay spread, and AWGN to test interference-limited scenarios. It provides full support for operator and CTIA-mandated test plans for MIMO OTA mobile device performance that require Reverberation Chamber testing.

MIMO OTA Reverberation Chamber


Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability while supporting emulation of a large number of channel models. The chassis’ simple plug-and-play design is built to support a broad range of applications that require varying channel densities, from basic applications like two-channel SISO to complex, high channel density applications like MIMO OTA, carrier aggregation, and antenna array systems.

Features & benefits

Modular solution

Allows scaling from 16 to 32 probes depending on test requirements.

Chamber configuration

Test both reverb and anechoic chamber configurations with minimal changes from a channel emulator setup perspective.

Scalability for uninterrupted testing

Upgrade from 16 to 32 probes with no hardware downtime; supports frequencies up to 6 GHz and bandwidths as wide as 100 MHz.


Test multiple radio access technologies and WiFi on the same unit with no changes to hardware setup. Enjoy uninterrupted testing with simple software license upgrades to implement a variety of features.

Fast phase calibration support

Complete phase calibration for both reverberation and anechoic chamber configurations within a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Software integration with third party chamber manufacturers

Spirent’s MIMO OTA system is integrated and tested with multiple third party manufacturers and can work seamlessly with a variety of controlling software applications.

Data sheet

MIMO-OTA Environment Builder

Spirent’s MIMO-OTA Environment Builder simplifies control over complex MIMO-OTA testing, shielding the user from the laborious calculations required.

Data sheet

OTA LTE Certification System

Spirent and Bluetest have come together to provide an OTA LTE measurement solution that can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of the entire integrated device.

On-demand webinar

MIMO OTA Testing Insights: Methodology, benchmarking study results and the CTIA test plan.