Spirent Network Emulator

Multi-port, multi-user network emulation and simulation

Get predictable infrastructure performance

Real-life networks are a complex system of changing conditions, flexible routes and competing applications. The only way to get predictable infrastructure performance is to test before deployment.

Spirent Network Emulator

Test real-world network conditions in your lab

Spirent Network Emulator provides industry-leading flexibility in building and modelling complex real-life systems to simulate networks and emulate real-world conditions under which applications and platforms need to perform. Test specific scenarios and gain insight into where and when problems arise before they become live issues.

Testing broadcast applications with impairments

Broadcast networks are moving from single-purpose legacy systems like Serial Digital Interface (SDI) to multi-purpose IP-based networks, bringing unpredictability and inconsistency of performance, with latency, jitter and packet loss impacting data transmission. Spirent Network Emulator helps offset the risk of failure or reduced QoS in a broadcast network and ensure conformance to SMPTE 2110-21 / SMPTE 2022-7 standards.

Spirent Broadcast Apps

Simulate networks:
Emulate real world conditions with Spirent Network Emulator

Features and benefits

Extreme flexibility - multi-port and multi-user

Spirent Network Emulator is a highly flexible solution for both network emulation and network simulation allowing you to build your network in seconds via a multi-user, multi-port environment.

Visual design

Using Network Emulator’s unique visual design to build emulations, you take control by linking together impairments in the order you require while directly controlling the flow of packets around your simulated network.

Emulate real network conditions

Spirent Network Emulator is a total solution to the problem of real-world Ethernet testing. It combines comprehensive and highly-accurate network emulation to enable you to troubleshoot, design networks, test application performance and optimize performance.

Flexible graphical user interface

The user interfaces run on Windows, Linux or Mac and provides a fast and responsive environment for you to build emulations, drag and drop from the extensive list of impairments into your network to create specific scenarios to meet your testing needs.

Visual network

The Spirent Network Emulator enables users to build emulations and link together impairments in the order required – drag and drop from an extensive list of impairments to create specific test scenarios.
Spirent Visual Network

Assuring the promise of SD-WAN

A comprehensive SD-WAN testing and validation approach is required to ensure the integrity and the delivery of SD-WAN. Learn how Spirent can help accelerate the design, development and deployment of SD-WAN services and products.