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NEW - Optimizing your cybersecurity investments

We have devised a pragmatic framework for accurately assessing the strength of an organization’s security posture and continuously improving it. We call it the risk mitigation cycle.

This provides a structured approach for getting the visibility and validation needed to optimize security investments. Spirent is the one and only vendor that can cover the entire risk mitigation cycle with testing and validation solutions, consulting services, managed security services, and education services that give organizations the visibility they need to measure, manage, and improve security continuously.

Spirent SecurityLabs

The Spirent SecurityLabs’ services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organization. Our dedicated teams of experienced security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, applications and devices, as well as source code analysis.

SecurityLabs portal

Spirent SecurityLabs allows users to conduct automated vulnerability scans on their web, mobile and cloud applications from a single platform. Users receive actionable insights within their personalized web-portal.

Breaching the external network security perimeter

On-demand webinar

Network security device vendors are stepping up and doing a decent job at preventing external attacks on your network infrastructure but attackers are always looking for innovative ways of breaking in. In this on-demand webinar, we will explore various techniques to walk around such protections and gain access to the internal network as an outsider with access to nothing but Internet.

White paper

Network security device vendors have done a good job of preventing or minimizing external attacks on enterprise network infrastructure by adding a range of capabilities to their products, such as access control, IPS, VPN, DLP, antivirus, and other threat prevention measures. We will explore various techniques attackers employ to bypass protections and gain access to an internal network—having no special resources other than information publicly available over the Internet.

This paper discusses the technical details involved with open-source intelligence gathering and using that intelligence to penetrate an organization’s perimeter and gain access to the internal network. We will also describe several protection mechanisms that organizations can implement to protect themselves against such attacks.

Spirent Web & Mobile apps

Networks and wireless

In depth testing of your networks to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities, including insecure server/firewall configuration, unpatched servers with known vulnerabilities, rogue access points, eavesdropping, information leakage and improper error handling.

Wireless testing includes checking wireless access points in range, presence of rogue devices, physical access to the wireless, weak encryption usage and security of the access points connected to the wired network.

Web and mobile applications

Scalable testing from OWASP Top 10 to comprehensive penetration testing of mission critical applications ensuring all applications within your organization are routinely tested for risk to evolving threats.

For mobile applications we also test binary code, related web services and http(s) communication for dynamic analysis and device end security.

Spirent Web & Mobile apps
Spirent Devices


Comprehensive testing of devices including those used for networking, connected vehicles, and various IoT uses including monitoring, supply chain, facility management, and manufacturing process.

We assess the device firmware, binary code, related web services and http(s) communication for exploitable vulnerabilities, discover and exploit underlying web application for security weaknesses such as authentication bypass, authorization boundary, CSRF & XSS in Embedded Web Application Servers and many others.

Source code analysis

Some security vulnerabilities are difficult to identify once code is compiled. Leveraging our code review service will highlight possible vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, SQL injection flaws, backdoors, authentication bypass and authorization boundary. Using techniques such as Taint Analysis and Data Flow within ‘static’ (non-running) source code analysis, we help you build security into your development lifecycle.

Spirent Code Analysis

GDPR compliance assessment

A team of experienced security experts will assess and help your organization achieve GDPR compliance to improve overall security and data protection. GDPR Assessment will assess network, applications & software for security of personal data and assesses organization’s Cyber Incidence response readiness. While GDPR is a regional law, it applies to any companies that store EU residents PII.

Secure applications, networks and devices are more important than ever

In modern times, ideas, expressed as carefully-crafted lines of digital code, have bypassed safeguards of many companies and nations. In the business world, carefully-crafted packets of code are penetrating the defenses of many businesses to steal sensitive business and user data. Some of these attacks damage the trust and goodwill that multi-billion dollar global brands have taken decades to build.

The most elaborate, layered cyber security can still contain many vulnerabilities. It takes creative and persistent human ingenuity to discover those vulnerabilities and develop new ways to exploit them.

This is the mission of a penetration tester.

An ethical hacking exercise can reveal the security weakness and digital risks within your organization, before someone else exposes them, either inadvertently or maliciously.

Connected vehicle resources

On-demand webinar

Learn about the growing threat landscape for connected vehicles as they incorporate more “smart” features to become increasingly connected with outside services and how to better secure critical systems.

Spirent automotive solutions

With Spirent, you can test, refine, and optimize all aspects of in-car, V2V, and V2X connectivity to provide the experiences that modern drivers and passengers demand.

Securing the connected vehicle

Preventing, detecting, and remediating cyber-attacks have been an important security concerns for the technology industry. But as the new world of connected devices converge, the personal vehicle has become a target.

IoT security resources

On-demand webinar

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in the monitoring, facility management, and manufacturing processes used by many organizations. Learn the current state of IoT security, identities potential threat vectors, how to assess vulnerabilities, and suggestions on a remediation processes.

Spirent IoT solutions

IoT success means navigating new technologies, multiple standards, intense competition, and security threats. Learn how Spirent solutions help developers, operators, and service providers optimize their IoT solution and get to market faster.

IoT Security within the enterprise

With the increased prevalence of IoT devices, security breaches with these devices are also on the rise. Learn to assess the device firmware, binary code, related web services and http(s) communication for exploitable vulnerabilities, discover and exploit underlying web application for security weaknesses.

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