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GNSS Spoofing Tests

For better protection against GNSS spoofing

If you want to ensure your positioning devices work when exposed to fake or replayed GNSS signals then you need advanced testing tools. SimSAFE is a software application that interfaces with SimGEN™ to facilitate laboratory evaluation of GNSS receiver vulnerability to spoofing signals and the development of effective countermeasures.
GNSS signals

Features & benefits

Comprehensive test control and monitoring
By allowing user-defined modification of key parameters such as power, pseudo-range and navigation message content of one (“hoax”) signal with respect to a reference (“genuine”) signal, SimSAFE allows the user to emulate a spoofing attack whilst simultaneously monitoring (logs and displays) a range of receiver observables to evaluate the response of a receiver to the simulated attacks.
Improves receiver resilience
SimSAFE allows users to evaluate a receiver’s vulnerability to a wide range of simulated spoofing and data replay attacks. It supports assessment of spoofing detection, mitigation and signal authentication strategies in real time or post processing.
Multiple configurations
SimSAFE can use live sky for real signals and simulator output for spoof signals, or use a GNSS simulator to generate both “real” and “false” signals to allow dynamic scenarios.
Conformance & performance

Accurate syncronization of RFCS time with GNSS time

Fully stress-test elements

5G testing icon

Single and multiple channel

Generates single channel spoofer or multiple channels spoofer with desired dynamic

Synchronize multiple signals

Synchronization of falsified signal code, power and Doppler
satellite linking

Replicate space navigation messages

Support replay attack via real-time replica of space navigation messages


Multiple receiver types

Supports analysis from different mass market and professional receivers

network security

Identify false signals

Detection of false signals based on receiver observables

Features & benefits

Download the datasheet to read more about SimSAFE, used for laboratory evaluation of GNSS receiver vulnerability to spoofing signals and the development of effective countermeasures.

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SimGEN data sheet

SimGEN, when combined with a compatible Spirent GNSS signal generator system, can be used to simulate a satellite navigation receiver system in a lab environment.